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99.3% of the time we find something that will help conversions. It could be small changes, but half of the time, our audits reveal bigger issues that when fixed have increased conversions at least 20-30% and/or decreased cost per click by 15-20%!   That’s worth the time to do an audit isn’t it?

Why Should You Allow Us To Audit Your AdWords Account?

The complexities of AdWords is astronomical especially with the constant changes from Google, the marketplace and competitors.  Adjustments should be made frequently (almost daily) and complete overhauls should not be uncommon. At MH Marketing, we believe in good old fashion human audits that strategically look for ways to cut costs and increase conversions.  You would be amazed at what we find when a software manages an account or if the account hasn’t been optimized in a while. Our audits have gained the trust of dozens of new clients who quickly saved money and received a better ROI. It’s your turn and you have nothing to lose.

Here are few of the issues we encounter during our audits:

Not Relevant Keywords

Misaligned keywords will lower your quality score which increase costs. Google is huge on relevancy and as a result, when keywords are not relevant to the ads and the landing page your quality score goes down. The only result from this is to pay too much for that keyword.

Wrong Keywords

It completely baffles us how many accounts bid on their own business name. This is usually a complete waste of money because you will be ranked #1 organically and people will find you for free instead of clicking on your ad. The only time we recommend bidding on your name is if it’s generic enough to cross over into regular keywords or your competitors are bidding on your name (which happens). We have had over a dozen audits that we found them bidding on their own name which cost them $1500 to $3000 a year or more.

Majority Broad Match Keywords

Broad match keywords can be costly, as they usually yield more traffic but they are not hyper-qualified. We use more restrictive match types like modified broad, phrase and exact. While your volume may decrease, you’ll be showing your ads to more relevant users resulting in more clicks, conversions and higher Quality Scores.

Negative Keywords

This is truly a powerful way to save a ton of money on fraudulent clicks or clicks from people who are not prospects. We have found some accounts who have 30-40% of their clicks coming from people who are absolutely not looking to use their services. Examples are people looking for photos or DIYer’s or people trying to sell you something!

Account Management

Unfortunately for you but fortunately for us, there is no such thing as set and forget for AdWords (or any other online marketing). The complexity of Google gives us job security. According to Google, almost 90% of all AdWords accounts are not optimized on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, that applies to most agencies as well. Google AdWords is an auction. And just like any auction, the astute people get a good deal and the rest pay too much. You must weekly (sometimes daily for competitive niches), scrutinize the bids, the ads, click thru rate and competitor influence (and about 37 other things). It’s common for someone across town to get a coupon from Google to try AdWords. They throw a couple grand out there to “try” AdWords which jacks up everyone’s cost per click.  If you are not watching, you can get strung along.

Poor Landing Pages

Most of the accounts we audit are sending their clicks to irrelevant landing pages or the home page. This is a costly, rookie mistake. Bad landing pages deteriorates conversion rates, typically by about half. Sending traffic to highly relevant landing pages can quickly double the effectiveness of the ad group.

Mediocre Ads

The ads themselves are a huge part of conversions. In most cases there is no compelling reason to put your business name in the headline. It’s a waste of premium copy real estate and most people don’t care, (otherwise they would have Googled your name). Do the ads draw attention? Is there a call to action? Is the phone number showing?

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