​LeadSCALER is our proprietary process we use to bring YOU more leads than ever while making your life easier.

​Social Ads

Whether you need local leads, more engagement or brand awareness, Facebook delivers the right audience at the right time. We provide demographic research, create engaging ads, build landing pages to capture leads and optimize every step of the process for you.


Video advertising is the new frontier. We're digital video experts with nearly two decades of experience with digital video. YouTube ads provide access to an audience that fits your ideal customer profile and allows you to share your message directly with them. Our team will storyboard, script, record, edit and produce your video. Then we'll promote it to your ideal customer through YouTube.


​Automating your business processes make it even easier to bring in new leads. With automation, you can set your lead generation on autopilot while you get back to business. 

​Landing Pages

​Landing pages are webpages we use to direct your customers where they need to go. Every time your customer clicks on an ad, they will be directed to a landing page to get them to take an action. Whether that is purchasing your product or trying your new service, they will be directed to take that action when they visit your landing page. 

​Email Marketing

​Emails are the way to your customer's mind. Getting email information from your prospects is the key to getting new customers. You can deliver offers, coupons, discounts to your email list with just a few clicks of your mouse. Did we mention you can automate this process, too?


Have you ever looked at something online and then all of a sudden, started seeing ads for that product or service everywhere? That's retargeting and we run those ads. Not every customer is ready to buy when they visit your website so it's important to keep your name in front of them. We build retargeting campaigns that keep your brand in front of people that visit your website. We expand on that by using characteristics, behaviors and online activities that match your customers. We then take your ads and place them on top sites around the web such as CNN, New York Times, Weather Channel and ESPN.

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