What You Need to Know to Make Great Business Videos

In this video, we’ll cover four keys you must have to in order to create a great video for your business. 

With video expected to be over 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, getting started on video for your business now will put you clearly in front of your competitors as video consumption continues to grow. 

But in a sea of video, what can you do to create the best video content out there? 

The internet is flooded with lists that will tell you the latest secret, tip, or trick, but we believe that building the right video content is more important than the latest ten hot video marketing hacks.  

Our goal is to help create massive, targeted awareness for your business, which is the number one challenge most companies face. We're cracking the video marketing treasure chest open and giving you everything you need to create the best video content! 


Your company's voice matters. Who you are, what you do, and why you do it matters to your audience. But your voice…your voice is what makes you, YOU! Your business needs to be backed by a voice. Whether it's the CEO, a PR firm, or a member of your staff, you need to set the tone around your company in your videos. 

For example, we decided our voice is one that is strong, but helpful. We back what we say and give as much value as possible.  

A popular example that many of us know is the Allstate commercials. The man with the deep voice provides us with a sense of safety and reassurance. Not only do you feel comfortable in his hands, but you also feel like he is strong and will have your back in case of an event. 


Choosing what platform(s) you use for your video content is the next step. Don't jump on every platform all at once. Start with one. The easiest way to figure out what platform works best for you is to do your customer research. 

What video platforms do your customers use to do research? What video platforms do your customers use for entertainment? 

Some of your options include: 

  • YouTube 
  • Facebook LIVE 
  • Instagram LIVE 
  • Snapchat 
  • Periscope 

If you just want to publish video on your website, consider using Vimeo or Wistia to host your videos rather than your own hosting account. The video will playback more smoothly, making a better experience for your audience. 


Now that you've found your voice and ideal platform, it's time to work on your content. Think of your company as a person. Personify your business by asking yourself a few simple questions: 

  1. Who are we? 
  2. What is our identity? 
  3. What are our values? 
  4. What do we want our customers to think about when they think of our business? 

To get started, record a video of you explaining who you are, what you do as a business, and how you think. This can expand into other areas that you are passionate about, but make it genuine. Genuine content rules over all others. 

Always provide enough value to keep your audience interested. If your business is not entertaining, you need to have value on your side.  

Speaking of keeping the audience interested, there are two things you should consider as you assemble your content. Start your video by telling the viewer what they’re getting from you. For example, at the beginning of this video, I told you that I would share 4 keys to great video content. This promise sets the expectation for what’s to come. The more enticing the opening, the more likely the viewer sticks around. 

Second is video length. Typically, shorter videos are better if you want someone to watch until the end. The important thing to remember is that a video should be as long as it needs to be. No longer and no shorter than that. The perfect video length is best accomplished by working from a script. Stay on topic and communicate the message. 


The best content on the internet is used to generate leads. Yep. Even if you're not directly selling through your video content, you should have a call to action that tells your customer what they need to do next.  

If you want the viewer to like your video on Facebook, tell them. If you want them to fill out a form for a free download, then tell them that. 

If you fail to give your audience instructions, you will never see what content is working best for you.  

Always make sure you have a way to track your video play throughs and time watched. This will help you understand the process your customer goes through when watching your videos.  

Ready, Set, Action!

Now that you know exactly how we do things here at LeadCrossing, it's time for you to channel your inner Stephen Spielberg and create some video content. Start creating great video content to drive traffic to your site and create awareness for your business, which will ultimately lead you to new prospects and customers.  

Leave a comment and let us know what you’re doing to increase awareness for your business. If you’re creating video content, we’d love to see it. Share it with us and who knows, you may get featured in an upcoming video.