How to Get More Customers to Do Business with You

Have you ever looked at your lead queue and got that sick to your stomach feeling because there are not enough leads there or even worse, no leads at all? Have you ever caught yourself lying awake at night wondering where your next sale was going to come from? Have you looked at your list of past customers or clients and realized the referral well has run dry?  

We’ve all been there at some point. So how do you continuously generate new business when your referral well seems to be tapped out? 

Businesses run on systems, and there is a simple 3 step system we use to generate leads on-demand. 





Sometimes your ideal customer doesn’t know you exist or that the problem they are facing every day has a solution (AKA your business).  It’s time to make them aware that you’re here and can come to the rescue. 

Creating awareness is easier than it sounds. With today’s means of advertising, you can get your message in front of more people than ever before, letting them know what you do.  

But what makes your business stand out amongst the rest? 

Here’s a quick list to help you figure out what makes your business stand out from the crowd: 

  1. Why you do what you do!
  2. Your story of how you got into the business.
  3. What unique service or product do you offer? 
  4. What can you do to solve your customers’ pains and problems? 

Once you’ve got your name out into the world, it’s time to move onto Evaluation. 


Evaluation is a tricky thing.  

Evaluation is where your business helps potential leads quietly qualify themselves by presenting specific messaging designed to help the ideal prospect move forward. But more importantly, it’s a time where your customer evaluates your business and decides whether they can trust you or not. 

You can build trust during the evaluation period by: 

  1. Recording customer testimonials 
  2. Videoing behind the scenes footage of your business 
  3. Videoing how you deliver your services 
  4. Interview your employees and post their interview online. 

Now that someone has finally seen all they need to make a decision, they’ve finally chosen the right company: YOU! 

Time to move to Conversion! 


A lucky lead has raised their hand and said they are interested in doing business with you, hooray! But it doesn’t stop there, you either convert these leads or use the leads that don’t quite make it to this last step as a retargeting group. 

By retargeting those that were close to conversion, you can put yourself back in front of these leads to help them convert. Even if you’re not sure what retargeting is, you’ve seen it before.  

Here’s an example of retargeting: 

You logged onto to price check a pair of Nike shoes you’ve had your eye on. You decide to leave Amazon without making the purchase because you still haven’t convinced yourself to buy them quite yet. But somehow, some way, you see that exact pair of shoes show up in ads on other sites you visit for the next several days. 

That’s retargeting.

Once your client has converted, with or without retargeting, it’s important to take note of what your customer characteristics are to remember for the next time you start a campaign. 

Time to Get Automated!

Now that you’ve seen our method of getting customers through the door, it’s time to put it into action! If you have any questions or want to learn more about how we automate our system to do all of the above, just ask. 

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