How to Convert Potential Leads into Customers with Video Marketing

You've made it to the last step of our funnel (see the first step here and the second step here), and it's time to get your new leads to the final step – conversion. Conversion is the last step of the funnel, and it's the hardest to achieve. We've all had a hard time at some point finding our next customers, but this final step is the way to have a continuous list of clients waiting for your call.

Conversion is the act of a lead converting to a customer.

It's what everyone wants at the end of the day.

Good news is that we've used video content to see conversion rate growth and want to share with you our successes. Grab your camera and press record.

Types of Video Content for Conversion Rate Growth

1. FAQs

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) videos are an excellent way to eliminate any lingering doubt in the mind of your leads. Answering the frequently asked questions prevents your customer from having an excuse to not buy from your business.

2. Instruction Videos

If you have a complicated product or service, it's always better to show your audience how to use it before they buy it. By breaking down your processes and showing leads exactly how it works, they will be able to see the value of the product or service firsthand without having to spend the money first. Breaking it down allows them to fully understand exactly how you fix their problems and how well you do it.

3. Personalized Videos

Personalized videos may seem like a lot of work, but the truth is that finding leads today means having deeper relationships with your customers. Personalizing a video is a great way to show a potential lead that you care about their business and want to do anything you can to help them fix their problems.

Tips to Create a Conversion Rate Explosion

1. The more specific your target market, the more target you should get with your conversion videos. When you can speak to a particular challenge or benefit, you are more believable.

2. Demonstrate knowledge and show your customer how your product/service/business works from A-Z. Show them everything you know, including the “top secrets” of your industry.

3. Answer questions that are often usually asked pre-purchase. Answer their questions beforehand, and they'll have no reason to question your business.

Converting leads to customers is the most difficult part of the process. Often those that make it to the evaluation stage are not always ready to make a purchase. You can continue to lead them to conversion by retargeting them with ads every time they leave your site.

Download our retargeting guide to see how you can direct your missed customers back to their rightful place: conversion.

We hope you'll be too busy answering calls from customers after you've gone through these steps, but let us know how your business transforms by implementing this system for a chance to be featured on our site!