8 Tips on How to Be a Star in Front of the Camera




“Uh…umm….okay one sec. Can we start over?” 

Does that sound like you every time you sit down to record a video for your business? 

We know it all too well. 

Putting yourself in front of the camera can feel awkward at times, but sometimes you don't have time to practice to make perfect.

Instead of carving out hours of your week to practice in front of the camera, we've made a simple list of 8 things you can do to avoid deer in the headlights when it's time to press record. 

How You Look

1.Wear Clothing That Makes You Feel Like a Movie Star. 

Dressing your best really does help when you're sitting in front of a camera. If you look good, you feel good. Don't go overboard, but look put together and your confidence will shine.

2. Sit Up Straight. 

Sitting up straight is the key to not looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame on camera. Push those shoulders back and lift your chest. Your body language is just as important as what you say. 

3. Loosen Up. 

If someone came over to you and pushed you gently, would you fall over? If yes, you're sitting too stiffly. Avoid being stiff by taking a few minutes to stretch and jump around before it's time to record. 

How You Talk

1. Use your natural voice. 

Don't yell at the camera. Don't whisper. Just use your regular, inside voice like your elementary school teacher taught you.  

2. Focus on how you say things. 

Enunciation is key. If you're speeding through the script and not sounding out your words…everything will run together. OurbusinessisblahblahblahandWewantyoutoblahblahblah. See how it's hard to read? It's ten times worse in video! If you're not enunciating your words through the first run through, take the time to slow down and work on your pace before reshooting.  

3. Explain things like you're talking to Grandma. 

No jargon or technical talk allowed. Talk to your audience like you talk to your friends. Keep it professional, but work on using simple words and concepts that make it easy to understand what you're saying for any person who clicks on your video. 

How to Prepare

1. Look at the camera like you would your favorite food. 

Okay, so maybe no salivating on camera. Look at the camera like you would if you were happy to see it. Smile with your eyes and look intrigued and curious. Keeping a light and excited demeanor is the best thing to do when you're recording. 

2. Chill out. 

Chill. Out. If you find yourself getting too worked up over the video there are many ways to relax between now and film time. Try not to think of the camera as your enemy, but your friend.  

3. Breathe. 

Deep breaths are helpful when we're nervous. Work on pacing yourself when you record by taking a few deep breaths in between concepts or differing content.  

The best tip of all for recording video of yourself: Be you! It's the easiest and most intriguing thing to do. 

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