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7 Types Of Facebook Ads You Need To Know For Your Business

Facebook ads seem to be growing more and more complex. 

Every time you sign into your ad account something has changed. 


How can you keep up with what's what in Facebook advertising? 

Here are some of Facebook's general ad groups to help you figure out what type of ad will work for your business. 

These are tried and true Facebook ads that can help you reach your end goal in no time. 

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How to Use Ad Lingo Like a Pro (And Understand It, Too!)

“Oops. Did you not get that?” 

“Let me start over.” 

“So this right here does this…and this does that…and yeah, that's about it.” 

We all have done this before.  

Working in the ad world, we sometimes forget that our clients don't always know what we mean by the ad lingo we use.  

So instead of beating you down with crazy ad words over the next several months, we've decided to give you a glossary of ad lingo that you can use to impress your boss and schmooze over the marketing department.  

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A Battle of the Ads: Facebook vs. Google

Facebook and Google ads make up more than 80% of all online advertising. 

Because both of these advertising platforms are great at what they do, the hardest part of figuring out an online marketing strategy is determining whether to use Facebook, Google, or both for your ads. 

We've gathered some of our favorite infographics to help you decide what online advertising platform is best for your business.

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