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Content Tools Every Business Owner Should Use to Save Time (And Money!)

You spent all 2017 creating content, why should you have to spend even more time creating new content for the new year?
Every business owner, no matter how big or small, is looking to find ways to save time and money. 
Using tools to help repurpose or create content is the best way to avoid spending more hours behind your laptop, and gain more time for your day to day business.
We use these content tools to streamline our content creation and repurposing to get back to doing more important things that need our attention every day!

Content Tools

  1. Grammarly: Tired of grammar mistakes and extra commas? Use Grammarly to help create the perfect written content every time!
  2. Hubspot's Blog Title Generator: Want to reuse an article, but can't figure out the perfect title? Use this blog title generator to refresh your headlines. Then repost for more shares, likes, and comments.
  3. CoSchedule: Using a social media content scheduler is a great way to recycle old content. The social media scheduler we use is CoSchedule! This calendar allows you to “requeue” your old content to fill in the gaps on days you don't have a lot of content planned. It's as easy as turning it on and letting the software fill in according to your schedule!

Video & Photography Tools

  1. iMovie: Not sure how to use fancy video editing software? No problem. iMovie makes it easy to edit your videos for beginners without looking like a real novice.
  2. PIXLR: PIXLR is a great free software that is a simpler version of Photoshop. It gives you all the options you need to make your pictures perfect without having to buy another photography editing software.
  3. VSCO: VSCO is a great tool to use to edit your photos on your mobile device. They have plenty of free filters, and it's easy to download your photos straight to your social media accounts.

Graphics Tools

  1. Canva: This online graphic design tool gives you a chance to become a graphic designer. With its easy editing tools and pre-made templates, you can create amazing graphics with a few simple clicks!
  2. Unsplash: Want great quality stock photos without paying a fee? Unsplash brings great photographers to you for free! Search for all the photos you need. You'll find professional photographs waiting for you to download.
  3. Piktochart: Did you spend a lot of time researching for your business? Use the statistics you found from 2017 and create an infographics with ease. Don't worry about figuring out the layout! Piktochart has plenty of templates to choose from. Input your information and watch your infographic come together!
Reusing content isn't a sin! Be sure to use your content over and over until it's not relevant or your audience starts hiding your posts. 
Good content draws in engagement and gives value to your viewers. Focus on reusing the 2017 content that drove traffic and you'll be able to reuse content and spend less time creating new stuff for 2018!