Social Media Ideas for Plastic Surgeons

Running from one patient to another means you're not always thinking about what your online presence looks like.
After talking to plastic surgeons, we came to realize that surgeons need an extra push to get started with their marketing.

We took some time to create a few valuable posts that you can use on your own social media to build brand awareness and trust.

Informative Posts:

It's important as a plastic surgeon to inform your patients about what services you offer, what they do, and how they can get from them.
Facebook and Instagram posts are great for long winded education. But social media accounts like Twitter need you to your information into a picture and a quick blurb.
Instead, try a simple diagram or statistic to get your message across.
Then add any interesting tidbits about your post in the text and you'll be on your way.

Solution Posts:

Everyone wants a solution.
And a quick solution at that.
Try creating posts that drive home a solution that speaks to your patients.
“Feel like yourself again” and “Be who you want to be” are great phrases to show your audience that you can help them achieve their best self.

Product Highlight:

Did you recently invest in a new machine?
Are you offering new products or services?
Tell your patients about products or services that are new or unusual to drive their interest.
Highlighting a product or service is the best way to get people engaged. Get them to ask questions about what they can expect or benefit from your offer.

Holiday Special:

Holidays are the perfect time to drive sales.
Offering a popular product at a discount is a great way to watch the dollars come in, while also giving your patients something they want.
Gift cards are also a great thing to offer to allow loved ones to buy for their family members around the holidays.  
Creating content may be difficult with a busy practice, but we're hoping these ideas helped you! Feel free to steal these and use them as your own if you're just getting started with social media.
Let us know how they work for you and if you want to learn more about how we can create the best digital marketing process for your practice through our very own LeadSCALER system!
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