Why Retargeting Will Help You Build Better Ad Campaigns

If you market your business, there's a good chance that you have a digital marketing strategy to bring in potential customers to your website and generate new leads. Obviously, your site is a powerful way to provide info to consumers and generate new business — but, did you realize that you may be spending too much time and attention trying to use digital marketing to bring in new leads to your site and not enough nurturing the people that have already visited it? Instead of focusing your marketing efforts on generating new leads, it can help to try retargeting — appealing to customers who have visited your site before but have not converted.

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a marketing strategy where you appeal to people who have visited your site before. If you use retargeting, when a visitor visits your site, a cookie is placed on their browser, and then, when they continue to surf the web, they will see ads for your business on search engine results pages, web pages, and social media networks.

The Benefits of Using Retargeting

There are many advantages for using retargeting for home builders. Here are some of the most important:

Retargeted Visitors Buy More

The most basic benefit of using retargeting is that return visitors to a website are much more profitable than first-time visitors. Studies on retargeting show that return visitors have a much higher conversion rate and a much lower bounce rate — which means that people who see your ads and revisit your site are much likely to spend time browsing and eventually contact you to become a paying customer.

Better Brand Recall

When the popular website Search Engine Land started using retargeting, people began to remember their brand. Before they used retargeting, people would visit their site via search engine results, but very few people remembered them and visited their site directly. Once they implemented retargeting, people recognized their name and brand and then started visiting the site without having to search first. As a home builder, if you use retargeting, consumers who simply browse the web will start seeing and recognizing your name — upping the chances that people contact you directly to do business.

Cutting-Edge Strategy

Retargeting is a relatively new marketing strategy, and many businesses that aren't tech-focused aren't using it yet. You can use retargeting to get ahead of your competition and be at the forefront of cutting edge marketing technology. Retargeting can paint your business as forward thinking, and you can appeal to more people looking for home builders in their area.

Retargeting Tips for Home Builders

If you build homes, you should try using retargeting to bring potential customers back to your business so they'll become paying customers.

Use Landing Pages

If you want to bring potential customers back to buy, don't place a retargeting ad that brings them back to your homepage. Instead, create specific landing pages that encourage visitors to get in touch with you or sign up for your services — and direct retargeted ad clicks there. You can get to know more about where exactly a person may be looking to build by what pages he visited on your site and then use retargeted ads that bring him to a particular landing page about that area.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Retargeted ads don't just appear via Google — they can also be used on Facebook. Create retargeted Facebook ads, which show up in people's feeds. Retargeted ads can help harness the power of the social network, which has more than 1.94 billion active users.