5 Halloween Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Halloween is just around the corner!  

But many businesses don't take the time to create a marketing strategy around the holiday until a few days before. 

We say “BOOOOO!!” to that marketing strategy! (BEWARE: HALLOWEEN JOKES BELOW!) 

Don't get spooked about Halloween campaigns. A holiday campaign is always a great way to bring awareness back to your business without overselling! 

Here are a few simple ideas you can use to develop your very own social media holiday campaign before it's too late!

1. Chiropractor 

The medical industry can make it difficult to be humorous (see what I did there?), but Halloween is the perfect time to work around the anatomy! Chiropractors can use skeletons to relate to this time of year and also spread the word about spine injuries and rehabilitation!

2. Dentist

Candy corn and caramel filled goodies make Halloween the best time of year to get your teeth cleaned. Dentists and orthodontists should be taking advantage of this month to highlight teeth cleaning and oral health to fill up their schedules. 

3. Home Builder

Home building is often seasonal, but that doesn't mean homebuilders don't have homes to sell. Relating past homes to a haunted house can bring back scary memories for someone who is considering buying a new house, making it easier for them to say yes this Fall!

4. Electrician 

Living without lights or faulty wiring might be ideal on Halloween night, but not for the entire month of October! Create an offer centered around Halloween characters that are nocturnal (mummies) or harmed by the light (vampires) to get more business!

5. Hair Salon

The leaves are changing color and many people are changing their hair color, too! Don't let your regulars lose their heads. Prevent your clients from switching to a competitor during your busy season by creating a Halloween themed offer!

Is your industry not here 

Leave a comment below and we'll create something especially for your industry for you to use! Start dressing up your social media for Halloween today.