5 Steps to Easy Lead Generation

Lead generation is something that takes up a lot in terms of your time and resources. Generating leads for your business can become time-consuming work at times, and may not generate anything for your business. When you think about generating leads, you are probably reminded not of the success you’ve had, but the times it has failed you instead.

Lead generation doesn’t have to be a pain. All you have to do is just implement and follow a simple system that will guide you through the process and directly to future customers on the other side.

Here’s how to condense down your current lead generation process to get the most out of your time and resources while also generating more leads!

Step 1: Identify Your Ideal Customer

This step is all about collecting information. Start by analyzing data you already have. Past customers are a great way to gather information to use to find future customers. Implement a customer survey process after every job or use their contact information to reach out and ask questions about their experience with your business and what their lifestyle is like.

If you don’t have a lot of data from your previous customers, search online for the “average” customer in your industry. With loads of information online, you should be able to track down the age, lifestyle, and expectations of your ideal customer.

After you get done with your research, take a few minutes to sit down and make a list of your ideal customer characteristics. Qualities, interests, and standard demographic information will be helpful in identifying and qualifying your future leads.

Step 2: Create a Landing Page

Almost every business out there now has a website. This is great news! On your site you can create a landing page where your ideal customers will land to attract them to take an action on your site. Whether you want them to call you, set up an appointment, or purchase a service or product, landing pages are the pages on your site that tell your website visitors what to do!

If you don’t have a website or are not able to adjust your website yourself, using a Facebook lead form is another great way to capture a lead. With just a few simple clicks, your ideal customer can locate your business, read a little about you, and fill out a simple form that gives you more information about them.

Either way, you just want some kind of information placed on your website or social media to direct your potential leads where they need to go and what action they need to take once they get there!

Step 3: Reach Out or Advertise

Reaching out to your leads or potential leads on social media is a great way to reach a wider, or even smaller, audience. Social media, like Facebook, now allows you to customize your audience by their characteristics, interests, and demographics. The good news is that you’ve already done all the work if you took part in Step 1!

If you don’t have social media or have no interest in spending money on advertising online, you can always create video content that you can use on your site. Video marketing is an easy way to share information about your company, services or products, and reasons why leads should do business with you. By placing videos on your landing pages or websites, you can see an increase in interaction on your website as it draws the eyes more often than a few extra words on a page.

Step 4: Qualify Your Visitors to Turn Them Into Leads

Now that you’ve seen some extra traffic to your site or had leads reach out to you, it’s time to qualify those leads. Some easy ways to figure out if a lead is highly-motivated or needs a little more time to warm up include:

  • Customer Contact Forms—Have your lead fill out a form with their contact information to start connecting with them.
  • Coupons—If you have contact information, send a coupon or offer over to motivate them a little more.
  • Content Downloads—Give away free information about your company, product, or services in exchange for contact information.

The big idea here is to get your leads to raise their hand and say they are interested in doing business with you!

Step 5: Deliver Offer & Generate the Lead

Once your content is downloaded or contact information is collected, you’ve generated a lead! Now you know that you have delivered an offer of value to your lead. It’s time to get in touch!

We Know Lead Generation Isn’t Always Easy…

We are just like you. At LeadCrossing, we need leads, too. We understand firsthand how frustrating it can be sometimes, but we stay after this process because we want to provide our clients with great services. Strategies like this allow us to do that in an efficient way.

You may be struggling to generate leads right now or maybe you’ve already given up. You may face some technical hurdles along the way, but we’ve found that lead generation can be as simple or as complex as you make it.

This simple 5 step process will get you started right away. Implement it today and let us know how it works for you!