10 Best Ways to Build Brand Awareness

Awareness seems like an out of reach goal for most business owners when the bottom line is wearing thin.
Building awareness is the first step in getting more customers.
Without awareness, you will never find new customers. It's as simple as that.
And how do you get customers if you never reach out to them?

Business owners think that customers wake up each morning ready to flock to their doors. The truth is that people have so many choices now that you have to give them recommendations instead.
Awareness campaigns give you the opportunity to reach your ideal customers. Let them know you have exactly what they need, even before they know they need it with simple ads or content.

Here are our top 10 ways to build awareness to keep fresh eyes on your business.

Blog Content

Blog content is the the first thing you think of when it comes to business content. It's as easy as taking a pen to paper, if not easier, since you whip out our computer, type a quick blurb up, and publish!
Voila! Blog content is the one of the best kinds of content that you can use to build awareness. There is an infinite number of blog ideas out there for almost every industry!

Company Video

Video content is the new way to create viral awareness. Creating a company video that speaks to your values is a great way to introduce new viewers to your brand.

Social Media Posts

Creating posts for your social media is important in today's world. If you're brand isn't found on social media channels, you're likely to lose a few customers along the way.
Social media posts are a way to spread company news, as well as have fun with your customers. Engaging content on social media leads your customers from awareness to evaluation.


Podcasts have taken the world by storm. They are digestible and make for good quality entertainment.
This helps listeners understand more about you, what you do, and how experienced you are in your field. 

Product/Service Explainer

Explaining your product or service is another way you can make new eyes understand what you do! If you have a complex product or new-to-market service, you can always show how a consumer will be better off!

Website Copy

The content on your website matters, a lot. If you have bad website copy, your audience loses interest and moves on.
Don't think your website can be all pictures and video! Create engaging written content to show what you do in a way that makes your viewers want to stick around.

Free Downloads

Free, but useful, downloads are the best way to grab a new prospect's attention. Creating a useful template for customers to download keeps your new customers interested.


Developing a weekly or monthly newsletter is another way to stay in front of new followers. Display your most recent projects, successes. Highlight any fun events your business has planned or participated in.
Your newsletter allows your new followers to see what you're up to without being annoying.

Tell Your Story

Telling your story is one of the most powerful ways to develop awareness. Everyone loves a good story and a relatable experience!

Online Advertising

Creating an online awareness ad campaign is the perfect way to grow your presence in new areas. Advertising online allows you to reach more first-time customers than ever before!
Not only does it get you in front of more eyes, it gets you in front of the eyes you want to see your ads! Awareness campaigns allow you to target those who have never seen your business.
You can also target the customers who have interest in businesses like you!

How Do You Decide What Content to Use?

Building awareness comes in all shapes and sizes. The effectiveness of your campaign comes down to what interests your ideal customer.
You should center all your marketing strategies around what your consumer wants. Then test to find out exactly makes your customer excited about your business!
Use that information to fine tune your campaigns for success. 
What are some of your awareness goals you want to achieve? Let us know below and we'll give you a content “prescription” to use to get there!