3 Marketing Offers to Try in Your Plastic Surgery Practice

If your practice is like other plastic surgery clinics, you offer a lot of services that many of your patients don't know about it.
It makes it even harder to pick an offer to deliver to these patients when you have so many services to choose from.
We're here making it easy for you to decide what works for your practice.

Here are a few examples of what kind of offers you can send out to your patients!

1. $'s Off Procedures

To convince someone they need your services, you need to give them an irresistible offer! Discount procedures to give your patients an incentive to schedule a consultation.

2. Service Giveaway

Trying to grow your audience? Give away one of your most popular non-invasive services like Botox. Have them Like, Share, and Comment to enter and expand your audience in a flash.

3. Freebies

Motivate your patients by giving them something for free after they schedule an appointment. Something that is non-invasive can be the perfect freebie that turns into a repeat buy after the surgery.
Choose a facial or chemical peel for your freebie! It will make your patients try something new and make them come back for more services.
All these offers will grab the attention of your audience and drive them to schedule an appointment. The best offers immediately make your prospect raise their hand and pick up the phone to call your practice.
It's not hard to create an offer that works, but it's easy to mess up along the way of getting it out to your audience.
If you want to find the perfect system to create offers and find new patients, ask to see our Lead SCALER demo. It will take 20 minutes of your time and 20 minutes is not a lot of time compared to how much time we will save you!