4 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Physical Therapists

Physical therapists may have a hard time dealing with everyday marketing campaigns, but the holiday season makes creating marketing offers and promotions much easier!  

Unlike most times of the year, the holidays are the perfect time to offer something happy and light that also gives your clinic a little extra cheer. 

We've come up with some creative ways to market your physical therapy clinic that won't break the bank and will bring more patients to your door.  

1. Funny/Happy Christmas Photos 

Taking photos of your staff dressed up in holiday costumes and outfits are ways to capture the attention of your audience. Something personal that also spreads a little cheer is the perfect way to keep your audience entertained while also learning a little about your clinic's personality. 

2. Tips & Tricks to Keep Up with Therapy During the Holidays 

Physical therapists aren't always open over the holidays. It can be difficult for patients to stay on track while they're on vacation, so giving them educational pamphlets, graphics, or videos to look at are significant resources for your patients.  

3. Footage or Photos of Your Holiday Work Parties & Events 

Have a holiday party or event planned? Use your iPhone or camera to record some footage from the holiday festivities. Post this to your social media, and you'll have a share-fest on your hands! 

4. Holiday E-mail Campaign with Offers 

Probably the most difficult of holiday marketing comes down to emailing! It takes a little time, but starting a holiday email campaign is a great way to keep your clinic in front of your past, current, and future patients. 

Creating a campaign that highlights upcoming events, holiday tips, and more can drive your brand identity home. Everyone wants to feel like they know their physical therapist and that they have a relationship with them. An email campaign that spreads holiday cheer is the perfect opportunity to do just that! 

Happy Holidays! 

The holidays, whether it be Thanksgiving or Christmas, allow businesses to market themselves in a cheery way that doesn't require a lot of extra work. Holidays give us the opportunity to be lighthearted and drive home emotions that we all experience during this time of year: joy, love, family, and more! 

Take some time to develop some holiday marketing ideas and jump on your chance to show your personality through your clinic! 

Have questions about what your clinic marketing strategy? We're here to help you get through the holidays. Ask us about our Lead SCALER process that we use to help physical therapy clinics like yours have patients waiting at the door.