How to Create the Perfect Plastic Surgery Practice

Opening your own plastic surgery clinic can be difficult. Like starting any other business, you have to worry about more than your daily patients.
It's a lot for anyone to handle. Do you think you can do it all?

Even if you can handle it all, it might be easier to let someone else take over and give yourself a quick break. 
The easiest way to build a killer practice is start with your marketing.
You can have a practice, employees, and a business but without patients you'll be stuck in a rut.

Here's our Top 5 Ways to Build a Killer Plastic Surgery Practice through Marketing!

1. Define your services.

Start with what you know. What are your services? 
Are you a specific kind of plastic surgeon that only does a few surgeries?
Does your clinic offer a variety of services? How do those services meet the needs of your patients?
Ask yourself these questions to define what you do and what the true solutions are. Which leads us to our next step…

2. Define your solutions.

Sure, you sell a service, but people only buy that service because it helps them achieve a result. What results do your services provide?
Think about this for a minute. Don't go after a super specific solution like “Losing extra fat” or “Augmenting breast size.”
Those are too specific.
Think more as a one size fits all solution! “Helping our patients be happy in their own skin.” “Our mission is to help patients breathe & feel better about themselves every day.” These are perfect solutions.
Your solution should be something that makes your patients raise their hand and say “YES I NEED THIS!”

3. Create an offer.

You've found your true solution and identified your services. Now it's time to create an offer your ideal patients can't resist. 
Bundle a few of our services or offer a lower price point for an expensive service.
Whatever you offer, it needs to be irresistible. Create a surge of interest for your ideal patients!

4. Get your offer out there!

It's time to get your offer out and into the world. The easiest way to get your offer out is through the internet. 
Facebook ads, Google ads, banner ads, and more are available to you. They're easy to get out there if you have an idea of what you want to say and who you want to reach!

5. Collect information through your offer.

Ask your patients for information in return for what you're delivering to them. Request their name, email, and phone number!
If your offer is right, you shouldn't have any problem getting their information! Now you're off and building your lead list. It's as easy as that!

Start Your Killer Plastic Surgery Practice the Right Way

Get information from your new patients. Then continue to build your campaigns around that audience.
Without marketing, you won't be able to keep your surgery schedule full. You'll have to base your business off of referrals which won't last forever.
With online advertising, you have the ability to reach new people every day. Build a client list that will keep feeding more patients into your practice!
Want to see how we bring new patients in for our plastic surgeon clients? Schedule a 20-minute demo with us to see our process Lead SCALER!