Roofers – Are You Sick Of Paying Big Money For Junk Leads?

From: Brandon Meek

Renfro St.
Burleson, Texas​

Dear Roofer,​

How many times have you spent 100's or even 1,000's buying leads only to see them turn out to be junk? How many times have you heard that "these leads close at 40% or better" only to find out that it's more like 4%? How many times have you called a lead, that you paid for, only to have them tell you that you're the 5th roofer to call them today?

Don't you get tired of getting ripped off?

Maybe you get lucky and stumble on a good lead, but do you ever stop and add up what that lead really cost you? If you buy 10 leads at $65 each and only one of them pans out, that means you just spent $650 in marketing costs to close one roof.

That's money you could put in your pocket, but instead, you're lining the pockets of the lead gen company.​

If this sounds familiar, you aren't the only one. I've talked with hundreds of roofers across the country and the story is almost always the same. Roofers are tired of lead gen companies giving them junk leads.

I'd be willing to bet that the reason you're reading this right now is because you believe there has to be a better way than being held hostage to lead gen companies.

What you are looking for is what we call Lead Jacking and I'm going to show you it works.

My name is Brandon Meek and I'm the author of The 4 R's Of Marketing For Roofing Contractors and founder of LeadCrossing. Before starting LeadCrossing, I worked as a marketing director for a national company with more than 140 locations in 19 states. My main job there was to make sure we had plenty of leads (as many as 50,000+ a year)! When I started LeadCrossing, I took the principles that I used on a large scale and started applying them to companies just like your's.

The thing I realized was that we're all fighting for the same people. Think about it, there's only so many homeowners out there in any given area, and you've got a million roofing companies all trying to get the job.

​So instead of buying leads from sleazy lead gen companies and online directories I carved a different path. One that when used properly, can bring big results. One that no matter where the prospect is at in the process, we can find a way in. That's when Lead Jacking was born.

So you're probably wondering, what the heck is Lead Jacking and what are these four things that I can do to build my own lead generation system?

Here are the 4 Keys to Lead Jacking:​

  • Social Surge: Create massive awareness with potential prospects before they even need a roof – for pennies
  • Mass Takeover: How to get your company in front of your target prospects on high-value websites like Fox, CNN, ESPN & The Weather Channel to create immediate trust
  • Competition Crusher: Get massive visibility for your company to crush your competition
  • Inbox Invader: Steal prospects from your competitors by invading their inbox

Social Surge

Create massive awareness with potential prospects before they even need a roof – for pennies

Here's the thing that none of us like to admit. Roofing isn't a sack of groceries. People don't buy roofing for fun or just because they want a "new look". They buy a new roof because they have a worn out roof or because they have damage. So the big challenge is, we don't know when there will be damage. Once there is a storm and if the damage is big enough, roofers come hauling into town to get a piece of the business.

So the question I asked is,

"How can a local roofer get his name in front of homeowners, before there is a storm, in a cost effective way?