Want FREE Publicity For Your Restaurant?

We’re searching DFW for the best restaurants to share with our online audience – FOR FREE!

We’ll video at your restaurant, add it to our online channel and promote it to 1,000’s of locals and tourists!

Why Are We Doing This?

We've been lucky enough to eat at some great restaurants all across the country. What we've learned is that sometimes, good, local restaurants are hard to find.

We decided that we wanted to help local DFW restaurants get more publicity so that locals and tourists alike could find restaurants we feature.

Nothing Is Free, So Is It Really Free?

In life, there's free and there's free with a catch. This is just free - no catch, no strings, no gotchas. Why? This is a new channel we are launching and we want more content. So you the restaurant owner get free advertising, we get more content. It's a win-win for both of us!

Are You Going To Try And Sell Me Something?

No. We aren't going to try and sell you, we're just going to help you.

But You're A Marketing Company - Admit It, You're Going To Try And Sell Me Something, Right?

As mentioned above, we aren't selling this. We're doing it as a free service for local restaurants. We are a marketing company and yes, we do work with local businesses. This isn't about trying to sell you, we're truly here to help.

But Why?

One, we have a true desire to help local businesses. Two, we love finding new restaurants. Three, we know that many places don't have the budget or knowledge to promote themselves the way that we can.

Still Don't Believe Us?

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