8 Tips on How to Be a Star in Front of the Camera




“Uh…umm….okay one sec. Can we start over?” 

Does that sound like you every time you sit down to record a video for your business? 

We know it all too well. 

Putting yourself in front of the camera can feel awkward at times, but sometimes you don't have time to practice to make perfect.

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how to write a killer video script for your next business video

How to Write a Killer Video Script for Your Next Business Video

Over 1 billion people use Facebook.

Facebook realized soon afterward that they can easily learn how we consume content.

Here we are today where Facebook has more data on the general public than almost any other company.

Once Facebook adopted advertising as a means of monetization, they put all this together and realized they needed people to stay on Facebook as long and as much as possible.

What they've found out is that video matters. A LOT.

So much so that marketers (including us) have realized that over the next few years companies that leverage video will succeed online and those that don’t will struggle.

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VID6 Formula

Writing the perfect script isn't always a piece of cake. We've simplified our script writing process to this Vid6 Formula to help us avoid frustration and keep your hair intact.

This formula is the best way to divide up your script and get it knocked out in no time.

Download this free guide to help you get started writing your next business video:


VID6 Formula (371 downloads) [pdf-embedder url=”http://www.leadcrossing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/document.pdf” title=”VID6 Formula”


How to Convert Potential Leads into Customers with Video Marketing

You've made it to the last step of our funnel (see the first step here and the second step here), and it's time to get your new leads to the final step – conversion. Conversion is the last step of the funnel, and it's the hardest to achieve. We've all had a hard time at some point finding our next customers, but this final step is the way to have a continuous list of clients waiting for your call.

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How to Prove Your Worth with Video During Customer Evaluation

Proving your value to potential clients is a lot harder than it sounds. Sure, it's easy to say what you do and how well you do it, but customers are more particular than ever when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Gone are the days where you could walk up to someone's door with a sales pitch and sell a vacuum with a snap of your fingers. Customers now want more information, more time to mull it over, and more attention from those they choose to do business with.

How can you help your customer evaluate what you have to offer and then make a quick decision about your business?

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What You Need to Know to Make Great Business Videos

In this video, we’ll cover four keys you must have to in order to create a great video for your business. 

With video expected to be over 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, getting started on video for your business now will put you clearly in front of your competitors as video consumption continues to grow. 

But in a sea of video, what can you do to create the best video content out there? 

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All the Stats on Video Marketing You’ll Ever Need (8 Infographics!)

Imagine this. 

Video marketing is taking the world by storm, but you haven't convinced your boss yet. 

He says traditional ads have worked for decades. That pictures are worth a thousand words. Why would you need more than a thousand words to get your message across? 

Your marketing team is having a difficult time getting the numbers they want, but they're sticking with the traditional picture and funny quote because The Chief says so. 

We have the solution to the traditional methods of your company. And we've got the stats to back it up. 

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